Sleep studies

What is a sleep study?

A sleep study (or polysomnogram) provides information about breathing during sleep and sleep quality 

Most commonly performed in a child who snores or is restless during sleep

Why have a sleep study with us?

  • No long waiting list 
  • Caring staff and a family friendly environment 
  • Full sized bed for parent / guardian
  • High quality - ASA and NATA accredited

What is involved?

  • Children sleep overnight in a specially designed sleep laboratory
  • Their brain waves, breathing, movement and oxygen levels are monitored with special equipment
  • Nothing hurts and most children sleep normally


  • The cost of the sleep study and hospital admission is covered by private health funds
  • Depending upon policy an excess may apply
  • Item numbers 12210 or 12213 depending upon age
  • Uninsured - $800 ($600 if your child has a health care card)
  • Initial medical consultations - maximum gap of $180 (telehealth consultations are bulk-billed)
  • No out of pocket fee for reports, results discussions or telehealth consultations

How to arrange a sleep study:

  • Medicare requires that your child is referred by a doctor and assessed by a sleep specialist prior to the study
  • Telehealth consultations are available for those living outside of South East QLD
  • Contact QCLASS - phone 07 3161 0377 or click here