Sleep studies

A sleep study (or polysomnogram) is a test which provides lots of information about breathing during sleep and the pattern of sleep during the night it is performed. Sleep studies are most commonly performed in a child who snores to tell if they have obstructive sleep apnoea. However, sleep studies may be performed in order to provide more information about their breathing during sleep or the quality of their sleep and can be helpful in a range of conditions 

Currently the Queensland Children's Lung and Sleep Service provides sleep studies for children aged 
1 year and older. The sleep studies are performed in collaboration with Queensland Sleep at the Mater Private Children's Hospital and are reported by Dr Burgess and Dr Suresh. During the sleep study your child will be managed by experienced paediatric nurses who have undertaken further training in sleep medicine. Children sleep overnight in a sleep laboratory. However, the environment is homely and parents sleep in the same room as their child. Although your child will be monitored with lots of equipment, most children tolerate this very well and nothing hurts. 

During a sleep study we monitor the type of sleep your child is having, their breathing, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. 


The cost of the sleep study is typically covered by private health funds with no out of pocket expenses. The out of pocket expense for those without insurance is approximately $180. 

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